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Witness the Possibilities

The Bridge Communication App is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) language app designed to eliminate the common struggles for non-communicative individuals. Bridge makes communication easy, fun, and has been proven to:

  • Break down barriers
  • Enhance communication
  • Increase engagement & exploration
  • Decrease frustrations & negative behaviors

Bridge is a cost-effective solution that you can download and use immediately. With Bridge, you can focus on INTERACTING rather than struggling with frustrating and limiting programming requirements.

Parents, teachers, and therapists love it. Kids actually use it, and don't abandon it. Bridge allows the entire team to engage and experience growth and language development together. It not only gives a voice and increases learning - it builds relationships.

Download One Sheet
Download the
One Sheet

Mission & Purpose

Build connections through barriers

Increase engagement, compliance, and interaction with others

Autism, Down Syndrome, Apraxia, Cerebral Palsy, TBI, Aphasia, Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s. Also great for Spanish speakers, Special Needs Population, and Speech-Language Delays.

Enable understanding, application, and accountability for communication supports

Consistent stability and understanding across a community yields greater opportunities for learning and growth

Features & Services



Turn on Edit Mode in the Settings and you can:

  • Add new pages and remove pages to any group or home page that has a red X in the bottom, right-hand corner.
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  • Add new groups, singular items, or video that represents an item by touching an ‘Add new’ box.
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  • When adding an item or a group, you can take a photo, use a photo from your camera roll, choose a photo from the internet, or choose from the SymbolStix picture library. (Turn on WIFI or cellular data for more SymbolStix picture options!) When adding a group, you can choose the page color for added organization.
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Turn on Hide / Show in the Settings and you can:

  • Hide or show items, groups, and navigational buttons. Just hold down the desired item, group, or navigational button for four seconds to hide or show.
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Select Language & Voices in the Settings and you can:

  • Change text to Spanish, change speech to Spanish, or change the voice from neutral to a man or a woman.
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Turn on Message Window in the Settings and you can:

  • Use it for word combinations, topic maintenance, and sentences with speech output. The message window can hold up to 15 items at a time.
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Turn on Typing View in the Settings and you can:

  • Us it for typing and text-based messages with speech output. The typing view can hold lengthy amounts of typed information
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Turn on Moxtra which is integrated with Bridge Communication App, and you can:

  • Upload, save, and view audio and video files by creating binders. Create interactive material to use for supports or entertainment. Also, perform live chats with other Bridge Communication App subscribers for screen sharing paired with face image sharing and live voice exchanges.
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Turn on Save/Recover/Reset and you can:

  • Save files to our server. Recover your saved files our pull your saved files down to supplemental devices within seconds. Reset the app to default configuration. Saved files will remain on our server for 30 days after a subscription is cancelled.
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Select Forms in the Settings and you can:

  • Have instant access to robust student and trainer progress reports, training reports for navigation and features, and other essential monitoring documentation.
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  • Documents can be printed if you’re connected to a printer via WIFI.
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Free Basic Training: Purchase the Bridge Communication app for $17.99 on the iTunes App Store and we will answer all product questions and direct you to tutorials that show you how the app works. Email us directly at

Pilot Program: Use the Bridge Communication app at no cost across your organization for a 3-month period — one app per low-incidence classroom/setting. We will train your lead and your lead will then train your organization. We will answer any product questions that come up. You provide weekly feedback plus a testimonial or critique at the end of the 3-month period. Only while supplies last!

Advanced Training & Support: On-site training sessions plus follow-up emails, phone calls, and online meetings to assess or troubleshoot documentation, training and communication supports for 3 weeks after the training session. Email us directly at for pricing.

Consultation Services: If you decide you need ongoing consultation services, we will provide the Bridge Communication app at no cost to your organization or interested families. We will train teachers, staff, administrators or interested parents on systematic communication supports. We will administer, train, and provide documentation for accountability of support implementation. We will provide integrated IEP communication goals for individual students. We will provide direct services to caseload, provide related services supports to caseload, and provide oversight, assessment, and monitoring for integrated communication supports in the classroom environment. Email us directly at for pricing.

App Contents


“My client with autism has blossomed using this app. She started using it in therapy almost a year ago. She now has her own iPad that can be personalized with her favorite people, toys, and activities. Before the app her verbal responses were sometimes repetitive. With the app she will respond appropriately given some support for navigating. The visual prompts and auditory feedback were the perfect combination to elicit so much more expressive language!”


“My teenager with disabilities loves using this app! He loves the personalization and the ability to talk about his favorite TV shows, characters, and celebrities. When he uses the app as a support, his conversations and intentions are clear.”


“The BRIDGE -communication- app has been wonderful for my son! It is very easy for him to maneuver around the different pages. He always perks up when he sees it, and he is always ready to tell you something!”

Rhonda G.

“My son’s speech has gotten so much better with the help of the BRIDGE -communication- app. I strongly believe this is the best app my son could have ever used. I am noticing a huge improvement in his speech, vocabulary, and the clarity of his words. He loves to use it with his family members on a daily basis. It helps me better understand what my child wants and it builds a longer conversation between the two of us.”

Maria H.

“I cannot say enough about the BRIDGE -communication- app and how I have witnessed lives being changed because of it. This app gives those who are nonverbal not only “a voice” but “their voice”. It allows them to not only voice their needs and wants, but also reciprocate and build friendships with the world.”

Kathy B.
Habilitation Specialist

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